Three-week-old male rats of the Wistar strain were given tritiated thymidine, 1 µc/gm body weight, intraperitoneally and were killed at intervals from 0.25 to 72 hours later. Autoradiographs were made from 5 µ sections, stained by the Feulgen method. The replication time and its component intervals were determined from the scoring of the labeling of interphase nuclei as well as of prophase, metaphase, anaphase, and telophase nuclei. Absorption of the intraperitoneally injected label is rapid and is attended by "flash" labeling during interphase. The results show that at any one time about 4 per cent of the liver cells are synthesizing DNA preliminary to cell division. These cells alternate with waves of other cells and it is estimated that about 10 per cent of the liver cell population is engaged in cell duplication. The replication time is about 21.5 hours, and its component intervals occupy the following times: DNA synthesis, 9 hours; post-DNA synthesis gap, 0.50 hour; prophase, 1.3 hours; metaphase, 1.0 hour; anaphase, 0.4 hour; telophase, 0.3 hour; postmitosis gap, 9.0 hours. A group of liver cells has been recorded in at least 3 successive replication cycles.

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