Vol. 171 No. 6, December 19, 2005. Pages 1001–1012.

On page 1003 of the original paper, we cited the work of Lievens et al. (2001) as a previous study using isolated synaptosomes to examine glutamate uptake into neuronal vesicles that did not find a significant difference in DHK-specific glutamate uptake between R6/2 and wild-type mouse brain.

This work should be correctly cited as a previous study using synaptosomal preparations that contained neuronal and astroglial processes, which demonstrated 15% reduction of DHK-sensitive glutamate uptake in R6/2 mouse brain as compared to control mice. We thank Dr. Jean-Charles Lievens (Developmental Biology Institute of Marseille-Luminy, Marseille, France) for clarification.