Henkel et al. Vol. 148, No. 3, February 7, 2000. Pages 495-504.

In this recently published paper, the authors inadvertently omitted the following references: Sakaguchi, T., F.P. Leser, and R.A. Lamb. 1996. The ion channel activity of the influenza virus M2 protein affects transport through the Golgi apparatus. J. Cell Biol. 133:733–747. Tu, Q., L.H. Pinto, G. Lou, M.A. Shaughnessy, D. Mullaney, S. Kurtz, M. Krystal, and R.A. Lamb. 1996. Characterization of inhibition of M2 ion channel activity by BL-1743, an inhibitor of influenza A virus. J. Virol. 70:4246–4252.