Myo2p is an unconventional myosin required for polarized growth in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Four lines of evidence suggest that (a) Myo2p is a target of calmodulin at sites of cell growth, and (b) the interaction between Myo2p and calmodulin is Ca2+ independent. First, as assessed by indirect immunofluorescence, the distributions of Myo2p and calmodulin are nearly indistinguishable throughout the cell cycle. Second, a genetic analysis indicates that mutations in CMD1 show allele-specific synthetic lethality with the myo2-66 conditional mutation. Mutations that inactivate the Ca(2+)-binding sites of calmodulin have little or no effect on strains carrying myo2-66, whereas an allele with a mutation outside the Ca(2+)-binding sites dramatically increases the severity of the phenotype conferred by myo2-66. Third, Myo2p coimmunoprecipitates with calmodulin in the presence of Ca2+ or EGTA. Finally, we used a modified gel overlay assay to demonstrate direct interaction between calmodulin and fusion proteins containing portions of Myo2p. Calmodulin binds specifically to the region of Myo2p containing six tandem repeats of a motif called an IQ site. Binding occurs in either Ca2+ or EGTA, and only two sites are required to observe binding.

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