We have determined the structure of the actin-scruin filament to 13-A resolution using a combination of low-dose EM and image analysis. The three-dimensional map reveals four actin-actin contacts: two within each strand and two between strands. The conformation of the actin subunit is different from that in the Holmes et al. (1990) model as refined by Lorenz et al. (1993). In particular, subdomain II is tilted in a similar way to that seen by Orlova and Egelman (1993) in F-Mg2(+)-ADP actin filaments in the absence of Ca2+. Scruin appears to consist of two domains of approximately equal volume. Each scruin subunit cross-links the two strands in the actin filament. Domain I of scruin contacts subdomain I of actin and makes a second contact at the junction of subdomains III and IV. Domain II of scruin contacts actin at subdomains I and II of a neighboring actin subunit. The two scruin domains thus bind differently to actin.

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