We have isolated a cDNA clone (mERD2) for the mammalian (bovine) homologue of the yeast ERD2 gene, which codes for the yeast HDEL receptor. The deduced amino acid sequence bears extensive homology to its yeast counterpart and is almost identical to a previously described human sequence. The sequence predicts a very hydrophobic protein with multiple membrane spanning domains, as confirmed by analysis of the in vitro translation product. The protein encoded by mERD2 (p23) has widespread occurrence, being present in all the cell types examined. p23 was localized to the cis-side of the Golgi apparatus and to a spotty intermediate compartment which mediates ER to Golgi transport. A majority of the intracellular staining could be accumulated in the intermediate compartment by a low temperature (15 degrees C) or brefeldin A. During recovery from these treatments, the spotty intermediate compartment staining of p23 was shifted to the perinuclear staining of the Golgi apparatus and tubular structures marked by p23 were observed. These tubular structures may serve to mediate transport between the intermediate compartment and the Golgi apparatus.

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