We previously identified a protein (p67) in the yeast, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, that specifically recognizes nuclear localization sequences. We report here the partial purification of p67, and the isolation, sequencing, and disruption of the gene (NSR1) encoding this protein. p67 was purified using an affinity column conjugated with a peptide containing the histone H2B nuclear localization sequence from yeast. Using antibodies against p67 we have cloned the gene for this protein. The protein encoded by the NSR1 gene recognizes the wild-type H2B nuclear localization sequence, but does not recognize a mutant H2B sequence that is incompetent for nuclear localization in vivo. Interestingly, the NSR1 protein has two RNA recognition motifs, as well as an acidic NH2 terminus containing a series of serine clusters, and a basic COOH terminus containing arg-gly repeats. We have confirmed the nuclear localization of p67 by immunofluorescence and found that a restricted portion of the nucleus is highlighted. We have also shown that NSR1 (p67) is required for normal cell growth.

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