SSB-1, the yeast single-strand RNA-binding protein, is demonstrated to be a yeast nucleolar-specific, silver-binding protein. In double-label immunofluorescence microscopy experiments antibodies to two other nucleolar proteins, RNA Pol I 190-kD and fibrillarin, were used to reveal the site of rRNA transcription; i.e., the fibrillar region of the nucleolus. SSB-1 colocalized with fibrillarin in a double-label immunofluorescence mapping experiment to the yeast nucleolus. SSB-1 is located, though, over a wider region of the nucleolus than the transcription site marker. Immunoprecipitations of yeast cell extracts with the SSB-1 antibody reveal that in 150 mM NaCl SSB-1 is bound to two small nuclear RNAs (snRNAs). These yeast snRNAs are snR10 and snR11, with snR10 being predominant. Since snR10 has been implicated in pre-rRNA processing, the association of SSB-1 and snR10 into a nucleolar snRNP particle indicates SSB-1 involvement in rRNA processing as well. Also, another yeast protein, SSB-36-kD, isolated by single-strand DNA chromatography, is shown to bind silver under the conditions used for nucleolar-specific staining. It is, most likely, another yeast nucleolar protein.

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