The major nuclear pore protein p62 is modified by O-linked N-acetylglucosamine and functions in nuclear transport. We have cloned, sequenced, and expressed the full-length rat p62 cDNA. The rat p62 mRNA is 2,941 nucleotides long and encodes a protein of 525 amino acids containing 30% serine and threonine residues. The amino acid sequence near the amino-terminus contains unique tetrapeptide repeats while the carboxy-terminus consists of a series of predicted alpha-helical regions with hydrophobic heptad repeats. Heterologous expression of rat p62 in African Green Monkey Kidney COS-1 cells and CV-1 cells was detected using a species-specific antipeptide serum. When transiently expressed in COS-1 cells, rat p62 binds wheat germ agglutinin and concentrates at the spindle poles during mitosis. In CV-1 cells cotransfected with rat p62 cDNA and SV40 viral DNA, rat p62 associates with the nuclear membrane without interfering with the nuclear transport of SV40 large T antigen. The ability to express p62 in tissue culture cells will facilitate analysis of the role of this pore protein in nuclear transport.

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