The structure of the flight muscle of a dragonfly (Aeshna sp.) has been studied with the light and electron microscopes, and the organization of this specialized tubular muscle is described. This tissue is characterized by the great development of the sarcosomes, which are slab-like and are arranged within the fiber opposite each sarcomere of the radially oriented lamellar myofibrils. A well developed and highly ordered sarcoplasmic reticulum is present, consisting of perforated curtain-like cisternae extending across the face of each fibril, together with tubular invaginations of the fiber plasma membrane situated within indentations in the sarcosomes and traversing the fibril surface midway between the Z and M levels. The structure of these fibers, and notably the organization of the reticulum, is compared with that of other types of muscle, and the possible role of the two components of the sarcoplasmic reticulum in the contraction physiology of the dragonfly muscle fiber is discussed.

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