Acanthamoeba profilin was cross-linked to actin via a zero-length isopeptide bond using carbodiimide. The covalently linked 1:1 complex was purified and treated with cyanogen bromide. This cleaves actin into small cyanogen bromide (CNBr) peptides and leaves the profilin intact owing to its lack of methionine. Profilin with one covalently attached actin CNBr peptide was purified by gel filtration followed by gel electrophoresis and electroblotting on polybase-coated glass-fiber membranes. Since the NH2 terminus of profilin is blocked, Edman degradation gave only the sequence of the conjugated actin CNBr fragment beginning with Trp-356. The profilin-actin CNBr peptide conjugate was digested further with trypsin and the cross-linked peptide identified by comparison with the tryptic peptide pattern obtained from carbodiimide-treated profilin. Amino-acid sequence analysis of the cross-linked tryptic peptides produced two residues at each cycle. Their order corresponds to actin starting at Trp-356 and profilin starting at Ala-94. From the absence of the phenylthiohydantoin-amino acid residues in specific cycles, we conclude that actin Glu-364 is linked to Lys-115 in profilin. Experiments with the isoforms of profilin I and profilin II gave identical results. The cross-linked region in profilin is homologous with sequences in the larger actin filament capping proteins fragmin and gelsolin.

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