35 strains of Chlamydomonas mutant missing the entire outer dynein arm were isolated by screening slow-swimming phenotypes. They comprised 10 independent genetic loci (odal-10) including those of previously isolated mutants oda38 and pf28. The 10 loci were distinct from pf13 and pf22, loci for nonmotile mutants missing the outer arm. These results indicate that at least 12 genes are responsible for the assembly of the outer dynein arms. There were no mutants lacking partial structures of the outer arm, suggesting that lack of a single component results in failure of assembly of entire outer arms. Temporary dikaryons derived from mating of two different oda strains often, but not always, recovered the wild-type motility within 2 h of mating. Hence, outer arms can be transported and attached to the outer doublets independently of flagellar growth.

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