We obtained a monoclonal antibody (RL13) that identifies three integral membrane proteins specific to the nuclear envelope of rat liver, a major 75-kD polypeptide and two more minor components of 68 and 55 kD. Immunogold labeling of isolated nuclear envelopes demonstrates that these antigens are localized specifically to the inner nuclear membrane, and that the RL13 epitope occurs on the inner membrane's nucleoplasmic surface where the nuclear lamina is found. When nuclear envelopes are extracted with solutions containing nonionic detergent and high salt to solubilize nuclear membranes and pore complexes, most of these integral proteins remain associated with the insoluble lamina. Since the polypeptides recognized by RL13 are relatively abundant, they may function as lamina attachment sites in the inner nuclear membrane. Major cross-reacting antigens are found by immunoblotting and immunofluorescence microscopy in all rat cells examined. Therefore, these integral proteins are biochemical markers for the inner nuclear membrane and will be useful models for studying nuclear membrane biogenesis.

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