Recycling of a number of glycoproteins along the site of action of mannosidase I (the distal endoplasmic reticulum/cis-Golgi) was followed in several different cell lines. Treatment of cells with 1-deoxymannojirimycin (dMM) produced high mannose oligosaccharides at positions otherwise occupied by complex-type oligosaccharides in these glycoproteins. Conversion of high-mannose-type oligosaccharides to complex oligosaccharides of proteins initially synthesized in the presence of dMM was used as a marker for recycling of glycoproteins along the site of action of dMM. In contrast to findings reported by Snider and Rogers (Snider, M. D., and O. C. Rogers. 1986. J. Cell Biol. 103:265-275), removal of dMM did not result in reconversion of high-mannose oligosaccharides to complex-type sugars, even after prolonged periods of culture. We conclude that surface glycoproteins do not recycle through the cis-medial Golgi elements.

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