Pollen tubes show active cytoplasmic streaming. We isolated organelles from pollen tubes and tested their ability to slide along actin bundles in characean cell models. Here, we show that sliding of organelles was ATP-dependent and that motility was lost after N-ethylmaleimide or heat treatment of organelles. On the other hand, cytoplasmic streaming in pollen tube was inhibited by either N-ethylmaleimide or heat treatment. These results strongly indicate that cytoplasmic streaming in pollen tubes is supported by the "actomyosin"-ATP system. The velocity of organelle movement along characean actin bundles was much higher than that of the native streaming in pollen tubes. We suggested that pollen tube "myosin" has a capacity to move at a velocity of the same order of magnitude as that of characean myosin. Moreover, the motility was high at Ca2+ concentrations lower than 0.18 microM (pCa 6.8) but was inhibited at concentration higher than 4.5 microM (pCa 5.4). In conclusion, cytoplasmic streaming in pollen tubes is suggested to be regulated by Ca2+ through "myosin" inactivation.

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