A cDNA clone encoding a portion of Drosophila nuclear lamins Dm1 and Dm2 has been identified by screening a lambda-gt11 cDNA expression library using Drosophila lamin-specific monoclonal antibodies. Two different developmentally regulated mRNA species were identified by Northern blot analysis using the initial cDNA as a probe, and full-length cDNA clones, apparently corresponding to each message, have been isolated. In vitro transcription of both full-length cDNA clones in a pT7 transcription vector followed by in vitro translation in wheat germ lysate suggests that both clones encode lamin Dm0, the polypeptide precursor of lamins Dm1 and Dm2. Nucleotide sequence analyses confirm the impression that both cDNA clones code for the identical polypeptide, which is highly homologous with human lamins A and C as well as with mammalian intermediate filament proteins. The two clones differ in their 3'-untranslated regions. In situ hybridization of lamin cDNA clones to Drosophila polytene chromosomes shows only a single locus of hybridization at or near position 25F on the left arm of chromosome 2. Southern blot analyses of genomic DNA are consistent with the notion that a single or only a few highly similar genes encoding Drosophila nuclear lamin Dm0 exist in the genome.

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