The lateral diffusion coefficients of various epidermal growth factor (EGF) receptor mutants with increasing deletions in their carboxy-terminal cytoplasmic domain were compared. A full size cDNA construct of human EGF receptor and different deletion constructs were expressed in monkey COS cells. The EGF receptor mutants expressed on the cell surface of the COS cells were labeled with rhodamine-EGF, and the lateral diffusion coefficients of the labeled receptors were determined by the fluorescence photo-bleaching recovery method. The lateral mobilities of three deletion mutants, including a mutant that has only nine amino acids in the cytoplasmic domain, are all similar (D approximately equal to 1.5 X 10(-10) cm2/s) to the lateral mobility of the "wild-type" receptor, which possess 542 cytoplasmic domain of EGF receptor, including its intrinsic protein kinase activity and phosphorylation state, are not required for the restriction of its lateral mobility.

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