A monoclonal antibody (MVS-1) was used to monitor the lateral mobility of a defined component (Mr approximately 400,000) of the plasma membrane of soybean protoplasts prepared from suspension cultures of Glycine max (SB-1 cell line). The diffusion coefficient (D) of antibody MVS-1 bound to its target was determined (D = 3.2 X 10(-10) cm2/s) by fluorescence redistribution after photobleaching. Pretreatment of the protoplasts with soybean agglutinin (SBA) resulted in a 10-fold reduction of the lateral mobility of antibody MVS-1 (D = 4.1 X 10(-11) cm2/s). This lectin-induced modulation could be partially reversed by prior treatment of the protoplasts with either colchicine or cytochalasin B. When used together, these drugs completely reversed the modulation effect induced by SBA. These results have refined our previous analysis of the effect of SBA on receptor mobility to the level of a defined receptor and suggest that the binding of SBA to the plasma membrane results in alterations in the plasma membrane such that the lateral diffusion of other receptors is restricted. These effects are most likely mediated by the cytoskeletal components of the plant cell.

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