In previous studies, a lectin designated as carbohydrate-binding protein 35 (CBP35) has been isolated from cultured 3T3 fibroblasts. In the present study, rabbit antibodies directed against CBP35 were used to analyze the subcellular distribution of CBP35 in 3T3 cells. Several lines of evidence indicate that CBP35 is found externally exposed at the cell surface: immunofluorescent staining of live 3T3 cells; agglutination of suspension of 3T3 fibroblasts by specific antibodies; and isolation, by immunoaffinity chromatography, of a Mr 35,000 component from cells surface-labeled with 125I. In addition to the plasma membrane, CBP35 could also be found intracellularly, as revealed by immunofluorescence studies of fixed and permeabilized 3T3 cells. The staining pattern showed the presence of CBP35 on the nucleus and in the cytoplasm. These results are consistent with the finding that among several subcellular fractions, CBP35 can be found by immunoblotting procedures in the nuclear pellet, the soluble fraction, and the plasma membrane fraction of the postnuclear supernatant.

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