1. The ovarian tissues from diapausing pupae of the promethea moth (Callosamia promethea) have survived and grown for 186 days under in vitro conditions. There was continual cell migration and multiplication for a period of 53 days, followed by a period of 47 days during which no cells migrated from the tissues. Between the 100th and 105th days after setting up the cultures, cell migration was resumed, and by the 111th day 250 cells were present in the medium. A few cell divisions were observed between the 126th and 136th days. After the tissues were subcultured on the 140th day, the explant culture continued to survive, but the cell culture died 3 days later.

2. The tissues were subcultured a total of 6 times during the 186 days. By the introduction of a piece of live tissue into the cell cultures, the growth and survival of the cells were increased from 8 days to about 20 days.

3. It is possible that the tissues had become adapted to the medium during their long survival, as the cells which migrated from them after 100 days showed considerably longer survival than those in earlier cultures.

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