1. It is shown that when plant tissues are ground with water the growth substance contained therein is inactivated by the oxidizing enzymes.

2. A simple method of extraction is described which enables the quantitative determination of growth substance in such tissues.

3. The amount and distribution of growth substance in the Avena coleoptile is determined by this method, and it is shown that while the substance does not diffuse out from the lower parts of the coleoptile, it is nevertheless present in considerable amounts, the concentration decreasing steadily with the distance from the tip.

4. Growth substance is also present in considerable amounts in Avena roots, and here also its concentration decreases steadily with distance from the tip.

5. The amount of growth substance diffusing out of root tips into dextrose agar, even during long periods of time, is not greater than the amount obtainable by direct extraction. Actual production in the root tip therefore either does not take place at all, or else takes place under quite different conditions from the production in the tip of the coleoptile.

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