An attempt has been made to analyze the base response, one of the light growth responses of Avena coleoptiles, by means of growth substance curvatures. The decrease in growth rate (first part of the base response) after exposure to light does not show if hetero-auxin is substituted for auxin-a (Sections 5, 6, and 10). This decreased growth after exposure very likely is due to an oxidative inactivation of auxin-a (Sections 8 and 9). Hetero-auxin can be inactivated too but in a much lesser degree than auxin-a (Section 9). The increase in growth rate following on the decreased growth (second part of the base response) is due to an increase in response of the plant to growth hormone which is independent of the type of hormone (Sections 1, 2, 7, 8, and 10). Under conditions of continuous exposure to light, however, the inactivation of the auxin-a under influence of the light is superimposed on this increased response to growth hormone. This inactivation can be eliminated from the light growth response by replacing the auxin-a by hetero-auxin. More detailed information on this subject can be found in Section 10. A review of the experiments and their results can be obtained from the scheme in Section 8.

In Section 11 it is shown that light inhibits the formation of growth hormone in the decapitated coleoptile (regeneration). Very small amounts of light (25 m.c.s.) inhibit the regeneration markedly.

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