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Due to an editorial error, rate constant units in the first column, last paragraph, were printed incorrectly. The affected paragraph appears (corrected) here:

For the simulations, the following parameters were used: channel opening of 600 ms with a 1.2-pA Ca2+ current; initial free intracellular Ca2+ concentration of 100 nM; total endogenous stationary buffer concentration of 230 μM and total fluo-3 concentration of 50 μM; an on-rate of 80 (μM · s)−1 for fluo-3 and 100 (μM · s)−1 for the stationary buffer; an off-rate of 90 s−1 for fluo-3 and 100 s−1 for the stationary buffer (yielding a Kd of 1.13 μM for fluo-3 and 1 μM for the stationary buffer); a diffusion constant of 2.5 × 10−6 cm2/s for Ca2+ and 2.2 × 10−7 cm2 /s for free and Ca2+-bound fluo-3. The effects of plasma membrane pumps and leaks were negligible and no other intracellular activity (e.g., Ca2+-induced Ca2+ release, Ca2+ uptake) was included. Diffusion, rate and dissociation constants, and the concentration of stationary buffer are from Smith et al. (1998) or Kargacin and Fay (1991).