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Guidelines for preparing video summaries

Reach more of your community by submitting a short video summary for your Journal of Experimental Medicine (JEM) article. Follow the steps and review our helpful presentation tips below.


  1. You may record yourself using a phone or webcam and/or voice over diagrams, graphs or any other visual element(s) that may help convey your findings and conclusions to a broad audience.
  2. Keep the video to less than 3 minutes.
  3. Save the video as an MP4.
  4. Name the file using the following format: JEM.Manuscript#.PresenterLastName
  5. Provide a text file containing the article title, a plain language description of the video and search keywords.
  6. Please submit your video with your final manuscript revision or within two weeks of receipt of your formal acceptance letter at the latest.

Presentation tips

  • We encourage first authors to present the results to increase their visibility, but it is up to the authors to choose who should feature.
  • Your video summary should be approached in a similar way as an extended abstract, or a short poster presentation.
  • In deciding what to include and leave out in your video summary, you should establish a clear take-home message and base your presentation around that.
  • Your message should appeal to a non-specialist scientific audience: present your research as if at a general scientific meeting. Avoid excessive jargon and use simple graphics/visuals.
  • Prepare your script in advance and speak slowly and clearly.
  • Find a quiet area with no background noise and avoid backlight.
  • Introduce yourself and your subject: "My name is Joan Smith from XYZ University and I'm going to describe my JEM paper entitled "The regulation of Protein X by Protein Y."
  • Consider carefully which results you want to present in the video — if an experiment is not mentioned in your paper's abstract, it probably does not need to be included in the video.
  • Avoid going into methodological detail, unless that is the focus of your article.
  • State clearly and concisely what you concluded from each experiment and—if applicable—what further question it raised that you sought to address in the following experiment.
  • Avoid describing in detail all the controls accompanying a particular experiment.
  • Remember to engage your audience and have fun!

Uploading your video

Please confirm that you have used the following format to name your file: JEM.Manuscript#.PresenterLastName  
We accept video submissions via upload to our Dropbox here.


Please note: YouTube changed its Terms of Service in 2020 and started running advertisements on every uploaded video. We are not able to prevent an advertisement from appearing on a video summary. Rockefeller University Press does not receive any revenue from these adverts.

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