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JEM Cancer Collection 2019

The advent of new lines of cancer research, ranging from basic in vivo tumor model to clinical research are included in this collection that celebrates the progress made to understand the biology of cancer, the interplay with immune system, and the development of highly innovative therapies.

Since its inception in 1896, the Journal of Experimental Medicine (JEM) has published on a broad array of disease-related topics, including cancer biology, tumor immunity and immunotherapy. In the last few years, we have made a concerted effort to reemphasize our interest in offering an attractive option for publishing high-quality cancer-related studies in a prestigious journal with broad visibility at JEM.

We hope you enjoy this collection, and we invite you to learn more about publishing in JEM.

About the artwork: Lee et al. report that metastatic tropism of ovarian cancer is actively orchestrated through the induction of neutrophil influx and chromatin extrusion in the premetastatic omental niche by early-stage tumors?see the associated article “Neutrophils facilitate ovarian cancer premetastatic niche formation in the omentum.” The image, which was featured as the cover of the January 2019 issue of JEM, illustrates the abundance of cells (blue) with neutrophil characteristic segmented morphology surrounding a vessel (red) in omental tissue of a woman with early-stage, high-grade serous carcinoma (HGSC). The image was provided by the authors and modified by the JEM editorial office.

We hope you appreciate this collection and encourage your comments on Twitter at @JExpMed. Interested in learning how we are making the publishing process easier for authors? Visit our Instructions for Authors or contact the Editorial office.

Special Collection Image
Huanhuan Joyce Chen; Asaf Poran; Arun M. Unni; Sarah Xuelian Huang; Olivier Elemento; Hans-Willem Snoeck; Harold Varmus
Matthew L. Hedberg; Noah D. Peyser; Julie E. Bauman; William E. Gooding; Hua Li; Neil E. Bhola; Tian Ran Zhu; Yan Zeng; Toni M. Brand; Mi-Ok Kim; Richard C.K. Jordan; Scott VandenBerg; Victor Olivas; Trever G. Bivona; Simion I. Chiosea; Lin Wang; Gordon B. Mills; Jonas T. Johnson; Umamaheswar Duvvuri; Robert L. Ferris; Patrick Ha; Daniel E. Johnson; Jennifer R. Grandis
WonJae Lee; Song Yi Ko; Muhaned S. Mohamed; Hilary A. Kenny; Ernst Lengyel; Honami Naora
Yael Raz; Noam Cohen; Ophir Shani; Rachel E. Bell; Sergey V. Novitskiy; Lilach Abramovitz; Carmit Levy; Michael Milyavsky; Leonor Leider-Trejo; Harold L. Moses; Dan Grisaru; Neta Erez
Jolanda Brummelman; Emilia M.C. Mazza; Giorgia Alvisi; Federico S. Colombo; Andrea Grilli; Joanna Mikulak; Domenico Mavilio; Marco Alloisio; Francesco Ferrari; Egesta Lopci; Pierluigi Novellis; Giulia Veronesi; Enrico Lugli
Simon J.A. Buczacki; Semiramis Popova; Emma Biggs; Chrysa Koukorava; Jon Buzzelli; Louis Vermeulen; Lee Hazelwood; Hayley Francies; Mathew J. Garnett; Douglas J. Winton
Kelly Mitchell; Laura Barreyro; Tihomira I. Todorova; Samuel J. Taylor; Iléana Antony-Debré; Swathi-Rao Narayanagari; Luis A. Carvajal; Joana Leite; Zubair Piperdi; Gopichand Pendurti; Ioannis Mantzaris; Elisabeth Paietta; Amit Verma; Kira Gritsman; Ulrich Steidl
Tuo Li; Zhijian J. Chen
Ashley V. Menk; Nicole E. Scharping; Dayana B. Rivadeneira; Michael J. Calderon; McLane J. Watson; Deanna Dunstane; Simon C. Watkins; Greg M. Delgoffe
Curtis J. Perry; Andrés R. Muñoz-Rojas; Katrina M. Meeth; Laura N. Kellman; Robert A. Amezquita; Durga Thakral; Victor Y. Du; Jake Xiao Wang; William Damsky; Alexandra L. Kuhlmann; Joel W. Sher; Marcus Bosenberg; Kathryn Miller-Jensen; Susan M. Kaech
Sabine Hoves; Chia-Huey Ooi; Carsten Wolter; Hadassah Sade; Stefan Bissinger; Martina Schmittnaegel; Oliver Ast; Anna M. Giusti; Katharina Wartha; Valeria Runza; Wei Xu; Yvonne Kienast; Michael A. Cannarile; Hyam Levitsky; Solange Romagnoli; Michele De Palma; Dominik Rüttinger; Carola H. Ries
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