Studies were made on the effect of mixing the Western strain of equine encephalomyelitis virus (W.E.E.) and embryonic tissue on the rate of anaerobic glycolysis of the tissue. Whole chick embryo, chick embryo from which brain and spinal cord had been removed, and embryonic skeletal muscle were employed.

1. W.E.E. virus depressed the rate of anaerobic glycolysis of embryonic tissues within 2 days after its addition to the tissue. The decrease in anaerobic glycolysis varied from 17 to 82 per cent and was apparent 2 to 4 days after the addition of the virus. No significant effect of the virus was observed 4 hours and 6 days after mixing it with the tissue.

2. Anti-W.E.E. immune serum prevented the inhibiting action of W.E.E. virus on the anaerobic glycolysis of embryonic skeletal muscle.

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