1. Techniques for the preparation of skin antigen suitable for intramuscular injection in rabbits, and of skin antigens (autolysate) for serological experiments are described.

2. A method was evolved which produced a soluble skin antigen (autolysate) suitable for performing precipitin tests.

3. Injection of the rabbit skin antigen and of staphylococcus toxin in rabbits resulted in the formation of antibodies (precipitins) to homologous skin.

4. When homologous skin alone was injected into rabbits, the antibody formation was questionable, or at most, slight.

5. The injection of staphylococcus toxin alone resulted in antibody formation, this antibody being specific for the toxin and not reacting with broth.

6. By utilization of the synergistic action of staphylococcus toxin and of homologous skin antigen, it has been possible for the first time to produce specific antiskin antibodies in experimental animals.

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