1. Studies have been made of the behavior of renal blood flow after partial constriction of the renal artery in twenty-four dogs.

2. When reduction in renal blood flow is produced by partial constriction of the renal artery, a readjustment of flow in the direction of normal occurs within a few minutes, subsequent constriction being again followed by a return of flow toward normal until the artery is markedly constricted.

3. Renal blood flow after marked constriction of the artery becomes extremely susceptible to the vasoconstrictive action of small doses of adrenalin, and flow may cease with larger doses for a considerable period of time.

4. Arterial hypertension of significant degree may follow partial constriction of one renal artery during brief experiments when adrenalin in addition has been administered.

5. Further evidence is presented in favor of the concept that the renal circulation enjoys a control independent of systemic arterial pressure.

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