1. Three nitrogen-containing polysaccharides have been isolated from autolyzed cultures of Type IV pneumococcus: (1) a type-specific carbohydrate differing markedly from those of Type I, II, and III pneumococcus, and representing a type of substance hitherto not observed among specific polysaccharides, (2) a chemically similar carbohydrate without specific function, and (3) the "C" substance, or species-specific polysaccharide of Tillett, Goebel, and Avery.

2. The chemical differences between the specific polysaccharides of Pneumococcus are discussed, and the relationship of the new examples to chitin is pointed out and its bearing indicated on the unsettled controversy as to whether or not chitin occurs in bacteria.

3. The data of Tillett, Goebel, and Avery on the "C" substance have been extended.

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