1. Many substances besides the specific broth filtrates of Besredka can be utilized as topical applications to protect guinea pigs from the effects of massive doses of staphylococcus given subcutaneously. (Plain broth, peptone 10 per cent, peptone 1 per cent, Liebig's meat extract, mustard plaster and normal horse serum.)

2. Where such protection occurs, no matter what the stimulus is, the local skin reaction microscopically is the same as that previously described for broth compresses.

3. Many topical applications of such substances as saline, water, plain compresses, etc., may confer slight protection on an animal.

4. Specific filtrates (Besredka) confer no protection on the experimental animal if applied at the time of inoculation or thereafter.

5. The local protection described in our experiments is non-specific in its nature.

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