The majority of patients convalescent from pneumonia due to Types I, II and III Pneumococcus develop at the time of recovery circulating antibodies for the homologous type of organisms. At the same time an immediate wheal and erythema reaction followed the intradermal injection of the homologous type-specific polysaccharide in 100 per cent of Type I patients, 58.8 per cent of Type II patients, and 44 per cent of Type III patients.

In a group of 18 patients repeatedly tested with the type-specific polysaccharides, 10 developed in the second or third week of convalescence circulating antibodies for one or more heterologous types. In none of 21 control patients was this phenomenon observed.

It is suggested that the development of circulating antibodies for heterologous types of Pneumococcus was associated with the previous intradermal injections of the type-specific polysaccharides.

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