The supposition that X-ray would affect the developing and the developed verruga nodules experimentally induced in the monkey, has proved correct. The experiments show that the early verruga nodules when exposed to a single, properly graduated dose of X-ray producing merely erythema of the skin, are inhibited in their evolution. Moreover, the skin of Macacus rhesus monkeys is modified by a single erythema dose of X-ray in such a way that infection of it with Bartonella bacilliformis is rendered more difficult.

These results are sufficiently striking to warrant the trial of X-ray in suitably guarded doses in the treatment of verruga nodules in man. Should the employment of convalescent serum influence the course of Carrion's disease favorably and the use of X-ray bring about a more certain and rapid devolution of verruga nodules in man, two practically applicable therapeutic measures will have been provided for the treatment of the two forms of the human disease.

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