A direct examination with the method of perfusion of the excretion by the frog's kidney of phenol red and neutral red has shown that the dyes are eliminated in different manners as a result of different mechanisms. The former is excreted in much the greater part by the glomeruli; the latter by the tubules. Urea is excreted in a manner similar to phenol red.

The indirect examination of the function of the mammalian kidney by means of excretion ratios has shown a like contrast between the manner of elimination of the two dyes, and here again was found a similarity in the manner of excretion of phenol red and urea.

This would seem to be as close an examination as can be made with our present methods of experimentation of the question of the mechanism of the excretion of these substances by mammals. As the facts stand they constitute strong presumptive evidence that in mammals and amphibia the like results have arisen from like causes, phenol red and urea being eliminated chiefly through the glomeruli in both instances while neutral red is excreted principally through the tubules.

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