A study is reported of the effect of different methods of treatment on the toxemia of cardiac obstruction.

The average duration of life of untreated dogs is 3 days. Three dogs treated with 1 per cent salt solution subcutaneously lived 32, 36, and 45 days respectively without developing a toxemia. 2 per cent glucose similarly given, does not alter the course of the toxemia. Concentrated salt solution in small quantities given directly into the jejunum prevents the marked rise in non-protein nitrogen but does not materially prolong life.

Release of the obstruction does not change the course of the toxemia in untreated animals. The subcutaneous injection of 1 per cent sodium chloride solution after release of the obstruction causes a rapid return of the blood to normal and allows the animal to recover. A similar amount of fluid given as 2 per cent glucose does not alter the course of the toxemia after release of the obstruction.

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