1. Under proper conditions mass R cultures of Friedländer's bacillus may give rise to a number of variants which are dissimilar in colony appearance and morphology. Three such forms have been described. In two varieties, differences have been observed not only in colony formation and morphology, but also in cultural and antigenic characters.

2. None of the methods employed were adequate to cause reversion of any of the R variants to the S type. Growth of the R2 variant in its own antiserum, however, induced a change to the R1 form.

3. R forms of Friedländer's bacillus may be derived from S strains by aging or by growth in anti-S serum of the homologous type.

4. R strains may be isolated in culture directly from infection. In the cases where R forms were found, S cells were also present, and the pathological condition was of a chronic nature.

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