Morgenroth and his collaborators grew pneumococci in a medium containing optochin and derived variant forms of bacteria therefrom which were considered to be streptococci of the viridans group. We have repeated these experiments and have also derived variant forms. These atypical races, however, we have found to be identical with the R form of pneumococci which have been obtained by various other methods. That these R cultures are still pneumococci and do not belong in the Streptococcus viridans group is supported by the following observations:

1. These strains are not bile-insoluble, but are more resistant to the lytic action of this agent than are type-specific pneumococci.

2. R strains behave like pneumococci and not like streptococci in the readiness with which cultures spontaneously autolyze and saline suspensions disintegrate during freezing and thawing.

3. Immunological reactions of the variant pneumococci derived by Morgenroth's method are identical with the immunological reactions of R forms of pneumococci derived by various other means.

The observations of Morgenroth and his associates in regard to the transformation of Streptococcus hæmolyticus into Streptococcus viridans by treatment with rivanol could not be repeated in this laboratory. No explanation is at hand for our failure to produce the change. It is of course possible that none of the twenty-six strains tested had suitable tendencies to variation or that the technic or reagents employed varied from those of Morgenroth.

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