1. A new strain of fowl leucosis has been transmitted through twelve generations of fowls.

2. An increase in virulence was observed during its passage. This was shown in a shortening of the interval between inoculation and death. The increase in virulence does not affect the number of successful inoculations, which remains approximately constant in from 20 to 40 per cent of the birds employed.

3. As with former strains, the disease manifests itself in various forms; i.e., myeloid and intravascular lymphoid types. A single lymphatic case was observed.

4. In several intravascular cases a diminution in the hemolytic power of the serum was established. This phenomenon was absent in a number of myeloid cases.

5. Active immunization cannot be produced by means of the subcutaneous injection of virulent material.

6. The finding of previous experiments that the virus is filterable has been confirmed.

7. The inoculation of human leucemic material into fowls gave negative results.

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