1. The proteids consisted of albumins and globulins, varying in quantity between the extremes of .9010 grm. and .2592 grm. in the 24 hours, but usually between .7 and .37 grm., the average being .5317 grm.

2. The quantity of the proteids varies directly as the urea, inversely as the external temperature. The relation between the quantity of urine and the quantity of proteid is not constant. The quantity of the proteida is little affected by diuretics; it tends to be increased by certain drugs that act upon the circulation. It is lessened during sleep.

It is apt to suffer a sudden temporary increase, returning as suddenly to the usual average. For this phenomenon we have no explanation.

3. From .5449 to .6616 grm. of coagulable proteids a day (.0079 to .0094 grm. per kilo of body-weight) may be excreted through the urine for an indefinite time by an otherwise healthy individual without damage to either kidneys or organism.

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