1. Accessory lobes of thymus, derived from the third pharyngeal pouch, occurring in close association with the parathyroids from the third pouch, were found in serial section of the cervical tissues of eleven out of fourteen guinea pigs, and probably would have been found in all fourteen but for a technical error.

2. It is probable, therefore, that accessory lobes of thymus having this situation and origin are usually, if not always, present in the guinea pig.

3. Additional accessory lobes of thymus belonging to, but at some distance from the main lobe were also present in several of the animals.

4. The discovery of these accessory lobes makes it certain that the guinea pig is unsuitable material for complete thymectomy, and probably complete extirpation of the thymus in this animal is rarely, if ever accomplished.

5. The extirpation experiments of previous investigators in the guinea pig must now be regarded as partial extirpations, and their results interpreted in that light.

6. Extirpation of the thymus in the guinea pig produced no changes in the writer's experiments.

7. The study of the serial sections of the cervical tissues of the guinea pig indicates that Ruben's statements regarding the parathyroid derived from the fourth pharyngeal pouch in the guinea pig are correct,—that it is much smaller than parathyroid III, may be rudimentary, and is sometimes absent at least on one side.

8. No accessory lobe of thymus was found accompanying the parathyroid from the fourth pouch, a finding also bearing out Ruben's statement that no thymus anlarge springs from the fourth pouch in the guinea pig.

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