Cyanocuprol is markedly effective in tuberculosis, and we believe that it will play an important part in clinical medicine. It may be used more generally than tuberculin.

The amount of the dose is closely related to the reaction and the final results. It should be determined for each patient after a careful examination of his symptoms. The maximum dose of 8.5 cc. should in no case be exceeded.

The shortest interval between injections should be 2 weeks. If the drug is given after a shorter interval, no improvement is observed and the effects are sometimes dangerous.

In order to obtain the best results the patient should be placed under conditions of complete physical and mental rest after the injection; this applies even to light cases. Care should also be taken to secure rest for the lesion.

During the period of the treatment irritants to the lesion, such as potassium iodide or tuberculin, should be avoided; apricot juice, guaiacol and its derivatives, and iodol are contraindicated.

No marked idiosyncrasy has been noted and no accumulative effects have been observed.

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