Pure cultures of the spirochætal causative agent of the disease known as Weil's disease, or febrile icterus, in Japan, have been obtained by us in a solid, a semisolid, and a fluid medium. The spirochæta thus isolated remains pathogenic for guinea pigs for many generations. Up to the present time we have succeeded through the courtesy of Professor Nagayo, Dr. Konuma, and Dr. Ishihara, in cultivating three different strains.

The spirochæta is a facultative anaerobe.

The solid and semisolid culture media possess one disadvantage, in that they are opaque on account of the addition of red blood corpuscles; but it is hoped that this drawback may soon be overcome by further studies. We shall report later the results of investigations regarding various questions in immunity as well as further details regarding the biological properties of the spirochæta.

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