Vol. 205, No. 5, May 12, 2008. Pages 1077–1086.

Following an investigation by officials at the Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, the editors of the Journal of Experimental Medicine hereby retract the article, “Native and aspirin-triggered lipoxins control innate immunity by inducing proteasomal degradation of TRAF6” (2008. J. Exp. Med. 205: 1077–1086), by Fabiana S. Machado, Lisia Esper, Alexandra Dias, Rajat Madan, YuanYuan Gu, David Hildeman, Charles N. Serhan, Christopher L. Karp, and Júlio Aliberti. The basis of this retraction is the alteration of data in several panels in Figures 1, 2, and 6. The investigation has determined that D. Hildeman, C.N. Serhan, C.L. Karp, R. Madan, Y. Gu, and A Dias were not involved in any aspect of the creation or manipulation of these figures.