Vol. 205, No. 12, November 24, 2008. Pages 2745—2753.

The authors regret that their paper incorrectly presented data from another study.

The authors state:

“In the Discussion of our recently published paper, we made an error regarding the study by Yan et al. (Yan, C.T., C. Boboila, E.K. Souza, S. Franco, T.R. Hickernell, M. Murphy, S. Gumaste, M. Geyer, A.A. Zarrin, J.P. Manis, K. Rajewsky, and F.W. Alt. Nature. 2007. 449: 478–482; reference 14). We stated that the XP-T/HL cell proliferation curve shown in Fig. 1 B of that paper was done using cells from p53-deficient mice. However, that experiment was performed with cells from mice on a p53+/− background. The authors of that paper also cited unpublished data showing that cells from CD21-cre-Xrcc(c/-) mice (i.e., p53+/+) proliferate normally. Thus, our interpretation that the normal proliferation and class switch kinetics observed with XRCC4-deficient primary B cells was caused by a lack of cell cycle check point control was incorrect.”