Vol. 199, No. 1, January 5, 2004. Pages 137–143.

The receptor NKG2I reported by Koike et al. has been found to be identical to KLRE1, which was previously described by Wilhelm and Mager (Wilhelm, B.T., and D.L. Mager. 2003. Immunogenetics. 55:53–55) and Westgaard et al. (Westgaard, I.H., E. Dissen, K.M. Torgersen, S. Lazetic, L.L. Lanier, J.H. Phillips, and S. Fossum. 2003. J. Exp. Med. 197:1551–1561). The authors regret that these references were omitted and the receptor was mistakenly referred to as novel. The title of the paper should have read “Bone Marrow Allograft Rejection Mediated by the Murine NK Receptor NKG2I/KLRE1.”