Qureshi et al. Vol. 189, No. 4, February 15, 1999. Pages 615–625.

The authors regret that two references that apply directly to the data they presented were not cited. The details of these omissions follow.

During the course of the above work, the positional cloning of Lps was reported (Poltorak, A., X. He, I. Smirnova, M.Y. Liu, C.V. Huffel, X. Du, D. Birdwell, E. Alejos, M. Silva, C. Galanos, M. Freudenberg, P. Ricciardi-Castagnoli, B. Layton, and B. Beutler. 1998. Science. 282:2085–2088). A preliminary report of these findings had been presented at the 12th International Mouse Genome Conference in Germany, September 28–October 3, 1998.

The RNA and DNA samples used to generate Fig. 4 were derived from the LPS-hyporesponsive C57BL/10ScNCr strain (National Cancer Institute, Frederick, MD), the progenitor for C57BL/10ScCr (Vogel, S.N., C.T. Hansen, and D.L. Rosenstreich. 1979. J. Immunol. 122:619–622). Reference to C57BL/10ScCr in the text should read as C57BL/10ScNCr.