Susceptibility to T lymphomas in mice is determined by a number of viral and host genetic factors. We analyzed the types and latent period of lymphomas spontaneously occurring in crosses between AKR/Ms, a T lymphoma-prone mouse strain, and SL/Kh, a pre-B lymphoma-prone strain. The incidence of T lymphomas in the F1 hybrids backcross to SL/Kh as well as F2 generation mice indicated that a dominant host gene thymic lymphoma susceptible mouse-1 (Tlsm-1) of AKR/Ms determined the type of lymphomas to be thymic. Linkage analysis with microsatellite markers assigned Tlsm-1 to the map position 61 cM from centromere of the chromosome 7. Close scrutiny of this region of AKXD recombinant inbred strains for spontaneous T lymphomas revealed the presence of Tlsm-1-like gene most likely between D7MIT71 (map position 62) and D7MIT13 (map position 70). On the other hand, a SL/Kh-derived recessive allele at a major histocompatibility complex (MHC)-linked locus accelerated development of both T and B lymphomas.

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