NK cells demonstrate many immune functions both in vitro and in vivo, including the lysis of tumor or virus-infected cells and the rejection of bone marrow allografts. However it remains unclear whether or not all NK cells can mediate these various functions or if NK cells exist in functionally distinct subsets. We have developed a new NK-specific mAb, SW5E6, which binds to approximately 50% of murine NK cells. The 5E6 antigen identifies a distinct and stable subset of NK cells and is expressed on about one-half of fresh or rIL-2-activated murine NK cells. Both 5E6+ and 5E6- NK cells are capable of lysing YAC-1 tumor cells in vitro and in vivo. By treating animals with SW5E6, we demonstrate that the 5E6+ subset is necessary for the rejection of H-2d/Hh-1d but not H-2b/Hh-1b bone marrow cells. Thus NK cells exist as functionally separable subsets in vivo.

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