Since little is known about Tc cells in the human immune response to intracellular parasites, we have studied the role of Tc cells in response to M. bovis Bacillus Calmette-Guerin (BCG). Donors whose PBMC responded to BCG, purified protein derivative (PPD), and the recombinant 65-kD heat shock protein (HSP) of BCG generated BCG/PPD-specific CD4+ effector T lymphocytes that lysed PPD as well as recombinant 65-kD-pulsed monocytes. Nonpulsed or irrelevant antigen-pulsed target cells were lysed to a much lower but still significant extent. PPD-stimulated effector lymphocytes of a recombinant 65-kD nonresponder lysed PPD but not recombinant 65-kD-pulsed monocytes. Recombinant 65-kD-educated effector lymphocytes lysed both recombinant 65-kD- and PPD-pulsed monocytes. In addition, these effector cells efficiently lysed nonpulsed target cells. These results demonstrate that in recombinant 65-kD responders, the recombinant 65-kD HSP of BCG is an immunodominant target as well as a triggering molecule for BCG/PPD-specific CD4+ cytotoxic T cells that lyse autologous monocytes. The implications of these findings with respect to the role of the 65-kD HSP in autoimmunity are discussed.

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