The epitope structure of the human sperm antigen reacting with antibodies present in sera of infertile women has been studied using mAb H6-3C4, which produces immobilization of human sperm in the presence of complement. Another antibody, NUH2, which also induces human sperm immobilization, was used to substantiate the presence of a receptor on sperm involved in susceptibility to immobilization. Both antibodies defined type 2 chain polylactosamine structure. H6-3C4 is directed to internally located repetitive N-acetyllactosamine, i.e., sialyl-i, i, or fucosyl-i. NUH2 defines binary alpha 2----3 sialyl type 2 chain, i.e., sialyl-I. Thus, the presence of antibodies in the sera of infertile women directed to sperm lactosaminoglycan or lactosaminolipid could be the basis for infertility in these cases.

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