Ligand binding specificities of two cloned murine Fc gamma Rs (Fc gamma R-alpha, Fc gamma R-beta [9]) were determined by gene transfer into Fc gamma R negative cell lines. Both receptors were expressed as full-length molecules capable of IgG immune complex binding that was inhibitable by the mAb 2.4G2. The ligand binding profiles of these receptors were indistinguishable whereby both bound immune-complexed mouse IgG1, IgG2a, and IgG2b, but not IgG3. Neither receptor could bind monomeric IgG2a, indicating these receptors to be low-affinity IgG Fc receptors. Accumulation of the Fc gamma R-alpha mRNA can be induced with murine IFN-gamma at a concentration of 200 U/ml in the macrophage-like cell lines RAW 264.7 and J774a. The time course for induction indicates that the mRNA accumulation is transient but does not return to the uninduced level even after 50 h of treatment. Fc gamma R-beta mRNA was not induced by IFN-gamma, rather its expression was down modulated in mouse peritoneal macrophages. Both RAW and J774a cells lines exhibited increased receptor levels after IFN-gamma stimulation as measured by 125I-2.4G2 and ligand binding. In the absence of IFN-gamma, the RAW and J774a cell lines were minimally phagocytic, while P388D1 cells were actively phagocytic. In the presence of IFN-gamma, however, RAW 264.7 and J774a cells were induced to become actively phagocytic. Induction of Fc gamma R-alpha mRNA and protein by IFN-gamma may be part of the process by which macrophages become activated to engulf antibody-coated particles.

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